An essay for a book to be published by IIID

What is the relationship of Design to our everyday lives? “The few who claim that appreciation and promotion of beauty is their prerogative find it only in art galleries and museums and seldom elsewhere. But beauty is to be found everywhere, even in daily life, if you look for it”. These words said by Mulk … Read more

Learning from a Design Jury

Guwahati College of Architecture Magazine May 2010 I am writing this article after a day long jury of a Master’s program in urban housing and conservation. As usual a jury session is always a learning experience because a person more set in his views has an opportunity to see new ideas and ask and listen … Read more

Change and Constancy

Talk at FEED, Pune, March 2004 My presentation is titled “Change and Constancy” and it is about understanding what stays constant amidst the changes that take place all the time. My search has been through the projects that I have done and I will, therefore, show a few projects in each of the four decades … Read more