The gentrification of Matunga and Dadar

Updated on: 27 September,2021 08:28 AM IST  |  Mumbai
Fiona Fernandez |

It’s been a year since city historian, architect and Matunga-born Kamu Iyer passed on. The rapid changes in the original streetscape of the areas that went on to influence his research, were a matter of huge concern to him

It’s a view that I cringe to look at each time I pass by the Matunga-Dadar stretch along Dr Ambedkar Road [formerly Kingsway]. The uneasiness worsens if the waiting time increases, and I am forced to glance from the window of my kaali-peeli at countless concrete monstrosities that stand cheek-by-jowl on either side of this busy road. I also realised that the names of these residential palaces are a chuckle-worthy fusion [if you wish to look at the lighter side of these aberrations]. A majority are twisted combinations — borrowed heavily from inter-stellar galactic phraseology and the exhaustive repository representing Hindu gods and goddesses.

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