From Diagram to Design by Kamu Iyer

This book contains projects of architecture done over a span of many years. It is not just a catalogue of finished buildings but a recount of the journey of each project, from enquiring into its true nature and searching for the essence of its programme to its logical conclusion. A programme for a work of architecture is more than a mere set of physical requirements. It evolves from observing and discussing, listening and recalling experiences, abstract notions or visual ideas that are stored in the mind.

Over the years I found that some projects had similarities in their core ideas. These could be grouped under themes, expressed as ideograms which, essentially, are abstract ideas with no specific form or order. A thematic ideogram is not a ‘priori’ for a design. Being abstract in nature it can be adapted across different types and scales of buildings, public spaces or assemblages. This can be seen in the variety and scales of the projects illustrated in the book.

From Diagram to Design presents a way of thinking in which thoughts and ideas are processed verbally and visually and expressed diagrammatically in sketches or ideograms representing core ideas of an individual design. These are then elaborated into workable solutions that in this book are expressed through narratives, conceptual sketches, plans and photographs of the finished building. With over 525 photographs, drawings and sketches this book, published by The CEPT University Press was first released on 17th September 2020. For copies please contact the CEPT University Press or our office architects’ combine. This book is also available on amazon.

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